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Zoom: Switching Zoom Account to HIPPA Protected

Please note that these steps first require that a request to migrate your UO Zoom account from normal to HIPAA has been been submitted and completed.
Open the Zoom application on your computer.
zoom sign in image

Select “Sign In

Next, select the “Sign In with SSO
Zoom SSO image

Next, type in UOREGON in the company domain panel.

UREGON zoom domain image

Then, select “Continue”

Continuing will open your default web browser.

Select “Switch to the New Account”

Select “I Acknowledge and Switch” to go to the next step

Check your UO email account. You may need to check your SPAM or Junk folder

check email image

Open your email message from Zoom and select “Switch to the New Account”

Select “I Acknowledge and Switch”

If successful, you should see a message that reads “Your Zoom Account Switch was Successful”

You can verify your account has been switched (optional step).
verify zoom switch image

Sign into Zoom and go to the “Account Profile” page.

You should see the word “Protected after “account type”.