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Software Center Applications – SCCM

Please note that this page only applies to those with Windows computers that have been configured by COEIT.


COEIT has been developing a more automated and streamlined approach for updating software and managing security settings for Windows computers with a software called System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). A feature of SCCM, the Software Center, allows users to self-install a suite of standard applications, e.g. Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office.

Installing Applications Through Software Center

1. Double-click the COE_Tools icon on your desktop.

2. Double-click Software Center and select Open.

3. Click on the application you want to install, e.g. Adobe Acrobat.


4. Select Install. The installation may take several moments.

5. When the installation is complete, the Install button will change to Uninstall.

6. You may also check your application’s installation status by selecting the Installation status tab in Software Center.

7. You can also view a list of applications already installed by selecting the Installed software tab in Software Center.