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Use Panopto through Canvas

Canvas and Panopto are integrated. This means Panopto can be run through the Canvas interface to automatically upload and record sessions to course folders where they are accessible to students.

Log in and Select Course
Upload a Recording
Record a New Session

Log into Canvas

The site will direct you to Shibboleth, the authentication tool used by the University of Oregon. Log in with your Duck ID and password.


From the dashboard of your Canvas account, select the course to which you would like to add a recording.


Upload a Recording

Within the selected course, move down the menu from the default of “Home” to “Panopto Recordings.”


This will link you the course folder within Panopto. Click the Create button to add content to the Panopto course folder.


From the “Create” drop-down menu you can choose to upload a recording you have already made or create a new video through Panopto. Select “Upload media.”


When you select “Upload media,” you will see a tool for uploading recordings. You can drag and drop a recording into the box or click the box to search your computer files for the recording.


A progress bar will indicate how much time is left on the upload.


When the upload completes, you may exit the upload tool.


The recording will now appear in the course folder but still need to process; a percentage will show how far the processing has progressed.


When it is finished, the recording will be available for your students to view in Canvas.


Record a New Session

To make a new recording through Panopto, click “Create” to access the drop-down menu.


Select “Record a new Session.”


A new dialogue will give the option to launch Panopto Recorder. Select “Launch Panopto.”


If a pop up notice asks you to select an application, choose Panopto and check the box allowing your browser to remember the selection.


The Recorder will launch with the correct folder selected under “Session Setting.” You can leave the time and date as the session name or create a distinctive title for the recording.


Under “Primary Sources,” select the devices you wish to use for video and audio and set the quality to “High.”



Select the secondary sources you wish to capture.


To record a slide presentation along with you video and audio, move from the “Main Screen” tab to the “PowerPoint” tab so you see the button to “Open a Presentation.” When you click “Open a Presentation,” it will bring up the file explorer, so you can select a PowerPoint.


When you finish selecting your setting and are ready to make your video, push the record button. Your PowerPoint will open in presentation mode after a few seconds. While you won’t see a preview of your video, the camera will continue to capture.


When you finish, return to Panopto Recorder and click the “Stop” button to complete the recording.


A new dialogue will give you the option to record again or upload the recording.


If you return to your Panopto folder within Canvas, you will be able to see the progress as your recording uploads.


When it is finished uploading you can hover over the recording to access tool like delete, or settings if you want to change the title.