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Panopto for ASL Students

Note: the motion sensitivity of the camera you use for recording will likely be affected by the amount of light it receives. For best results, make your recordings in a well-lighted area.

Log into Canvas.


From the Dashboard, select the ASL course for which you will be making a recording.


From innermost left-side menu, select Panopto Recordings. It should be near the bottom.


Give the page a few seconds to load, and you should see some videos created by your professor.

At the top of the page is a green “Create” button.


Click the “Create” button, and, in the menu that appears, select “Record a new session.”


In a new window, you will see the options to “Open Panopto” or “Download Panopto.” If this is your first use, download Panopto. Otherwise, open Panopto.


Another window will appear with an executable. Select, “Save File.”


Open the file from your Downloads folder and click to run. Follow the install promptings.

Panopto recorder will open automatically when the install is complete.

If you are not signed in automatically, log in with your Duck ID and password.


When the recorder loads, ensure the course name is auto selected as the folder you are recording to. It should be the only option.

Name your recording according the convention laid out by your professor.


Select your recording devices. If you are using a built in webcam and microphone, the recorder should auto-select your device. If you are using an external webcam and microphone, you should use the drop down menus to select your device.

Set the recording quality to “High.”


Uncheck “Capture PowerPoint” and “Capture Main Screen.”


When you finish selecting settings and are ready to record, push the record button.


When you finish recording, click the “Stop” button.


A new dialogue will give you the option to record again or upload the recording. This uploads your recording to the Canvas course folder. Your professor will be able to see the video, but it will not be accessible to any of your classmates.


Return to the Panopto course folder within Canvas to see the upload progress of your recording.


You will be able to review the recording from the Canvas folder when it finishes processing. Double click the recording to watch it.


You and your professor will be able to leave time-stamped comments through the Discussion tool to the left of the video.

To leave a comment, pause the video at the time you want to comment on, type a comment in the discussion box, and hit the Enter key.