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Building a Web Session

This page describes how to create a for-the-web, PowerPoint based lecture or info session on a Mac computer, and how to make that session available through Panopto. Two methods are discussed in these instructions.


Record audio through Panopto

Build your PowerPoint presentation beforehand, keeping in mind, simple is best.

Before opening the Panopto recorder, save your presentation on the desktop or somewhere equally accessible on the machine from which Panopto Recorder is running. Open the slide presentation before logging into Panopto.

Log In

Open Panopto Recorder from your desktop. The “Sign in” button is in the top right corner.

webcast a

When you click “Sign in,” a new dialogue will appear. In the box labeled “Server” type the address Then click “Get Providers for Server” and select “Canvas” from the drop down menu.

webcast b

Clicking “Canvas” will redirect you to an authentication page. Enter your Duck ID and password. Click “Login.”

webcast d

Authorize Panopto recorder for your computer. Check “Remember my authorization for this service,” and you will only need to do this the first time you log in.

webcast e

The recorder will re-open and tell you if you are successfully signed in.

webcast f

Click the “Create New Recording” button.

Select Settings

At first, the recorder will show a screen capture that is disorienting. Navigate to the “Source” drop-down menu at the bottom of the window and select “None.” To the left is a Primary Source sidebar with a “Video” drop down menu; again, select “None.”

For the simplest web session we only need audio and the slide presentation, so make sure either “Record PowerPoint” or “Record Keynote” is checked.

webcast g2

Removing the screen capture and video feeds with leave you with a cleaner looking user interface.

webcast h

Choose a folder, name the session

At the top of the window is a drop-down menu where you can select the folder where you or your group is saving web sessions. Select the folder and type in a name for your session in the “Session” box below.

webcast h2

Don’t check the “Webcast” box, which is used for live viewing.

Record Session

Before you start your recording, ensure PowerPoint is running with the slides you want to present in your web session. Just don’t move into presentation mode yet.

webcast i

Double check your settings, and click the red “Record” button.

Move to the PowerPoint window. Panopto will continue to run in the background and should now be capturing anything that happens in the PowerPoint program.

Enter presentation mode, and give it a few seconds before you begin clicking through the slides. This will make it easier to chop off the beginning later to get rid of the bit before you began presenting.

webcast n

At this point the process is simple. Click through your slides, and add commentary as you go. In PowerPoint, you can set the slides to move at a certain pace. However, there is no good way to pause a presentation while recording with Panopto. If you make a mistake that absolutely can’t stay, you will have to begin again or chop out that bit later (which could take up to an hour of additional processing time, depending on the length and complexity of the webcast).

If you want timed slides there are a couple ways to do it.

Before you begin the Panopto recording open the “Transitions” tab in PowerPoint. Set the duration for the number of seconds you want that slide to last. You can set all the slides to same time by clicking “Apply to All.”

webcast p

Or, open the “Slide Show” tab and click “Rehearse Timings.”

webcast o

This will open your slides in presentation mode. Click through and practice your commentary. It will save the time you spent on each slide and scroll through at that pace the next time you begin the show in presentation mode.

Stop Recording

However you decided to time the slides, or not time them, exit presentation mode when you finish your web session, and return to Panopto Recorder.

Click the “Stop.”

webcast j

You will be taken to the “Manage Recordings” window you entered in the first place as a blank sign in window. This time you will see the upload and processing progress of your webcast.

webcast q

In the lower right corner you also have a preview window to give you an idea of what your content looks like on the site.

To view the recording online, visit and sign in through Canvas.


Record Audio through Keynote

You can also record audio over your slides beforehand, export the presentation as a video, and then upload the video to Panopto.

Open Presentation in Keynote

Open Keynote. If it isn’t already installed on your mac, you will find it for free under purchases in the App Store.

Click on the “File” tab in the toolbar and select “Open…” Then select the presentation you created in PowerPoint. Of course you can create the presentation in Keynote in the first place, if you prefer.

webcast 01

The presentation will open in a new window.

webcast 02

However, you will be doing most of your work with the tool bar across the top of the screen.

Record Presentation

Navigate to the “Play” tab on the tool bar and scroll down the drop down menu to “Record Slideshow.”

webcast 03

This will open the slides in a full-screen, presentation mode window. A red record button at the bottom of the window will allow you to start a recording that includes audio.

Even though the recording window shows the next slide and a timer, the actual recording will only show the current slide and will scroll through at whatever pace you set during the recording.

webcast 06

Start the recording.

Keynote will count down.

webcast 07

When the countdown disappears you can start scrolling through your slides and the program will pick up anything you say.

webcast 08

The record button will show red, and the progress bar will show the word “Recording” in faint text. When you finish the presentation, click the record button again.

When the recording is complete, there will be an option to replay. If you want to watch the recording, push the play arrow at the bottom of the screen.

webcast 09

When you wish to exit the recording window, hover the mouse over the slides and click the X that appears in the top right corner,

webcast 10b

You will be returned to the Keynote main window.

You can move back into a preview of your recording my clicking the play arrow and selecting “Play Recorded Slideshow.”

webcast 11

Look over you video to ensure you’ve got everything you need before exporting the video.

Export a Video File

Navigate to the “File” tab on the toolbar. Find “Export To” on the drop down menu and from there select QuickTime.

webcast 15

A new window will give you the open to export your recording or a timed version of the presentation. Obviously you want to export your recording because it has your commentary.

Make sure “Slideshow Recording” is selected in the “Playback” box and click “Next.”

webcast 16

Name the video and select a location to save the file to.

webcast 17

It will take a few second to save. Open your video file from the location you saved it to. View enough of the video to ensure it exported correctly.

Upload Recording to Panopto

To upload a video to Panopto, you will need to visit you account at

Login through Canvas using your Duck ID and Password. If needed, visit the instructions for logging onto the website.

Once you’re logged in, click the “Create” button at the top of the page. Select “Upload media.”

webcast 18b

Choose the folder where you or your group are saving web sessions.

webcast 19

Click the box that reads “Choose video or audio files,” and use the finder to select your video file. Or just drag and drop you file into the box.

webcast 20

A progress bar will show how much time is left on the upload.

Webcast 25

When the upload is complete, you can exit out of the file drop window. Your recording will now appear on the main page. The text beneath the settings tab will let you know how much processing time is left.

webcast 22b

When the video finishes processing, click the title or the icon to view the recording.

Webcast 23

A new browser tab should open with the Panopto video player.

Webcast 24