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Add copy function to Mac Recorder

Panopto Recorder for Mac has no option to re-upload a recording. These instructions outline the way to add an option to copy recordings in Panopto Recorder for Mac. Once you copy a recording that isn’t uploading correctly, you can upload the copy.


1. Make sure you completely quit Panopto Recorder. Do this by clicking on the recorder icon on your desktop or in your applications folder. Select “Panopto Recorder” next to the apple menu. Then click “Quit Panopto Recorder.”

Picture of the option to "Quit Panopto" being selected through the Panopto drop-down menu on the Apple toolbar.


2. Open “Go” near your apple menu, and scroll down to “Utilities.” Open Utilities; from there, open “Terminal.”



3. There should be some text in the terminal ending in a dollar sign. Copy the text below and enter it one space after the dollar sign:

defaults write com.panopto.mac AllowLocalCopyAction -bool YES



4. Push enter or return. Terminal won’t show any results, just a new entry line. But the recorder has already executed the command. Exit Terminal.



5. Open Panopto Recorder, and select the recording you want to copy. Under “Actions” in the bottom left corner, you should now have the option to “Copy (local).” Copy the recording you want to re-upload.



6. Now select the copied recording, and, in the bottom left corner, “Choose folder and Upload.”



7. A copy of your recording should now upload to the website, process, and encode.