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Connecting to UO Secure Wireless – Mac OS X

The UO Secure wireless network should be your first choice for wireless connections on campus. UO Secure maintains encrypted data connections to and from your computer or device anywhere a wireless signal is available on campus.

Connecting to UO Secure for the First Time

Note: These instructions also apply when you need to update the network security profile or certificate.

1) Go to

2) Check the “I accept the terms…” EULA box, then click the Start button.


3) Choose the This Device option.


4) On the bottom of left-side of the page click the manual download page link.


5) Click the Setup button.


6) Click the UO Secure link to download the configuration file.


7) You may see a dialog window similar to the one below. To complete the installation you will need administrative access to the computer, as well as your Duck ID and password.


8) Click the link to download the network profile.


9) Once the network profile is downloaded you may double-click the file to install it. You will need to enter an administrative password to allow the profile installation.

You will be prompted for your Duck ID and password, which will be used to authenticate your account to allow you to connect to UO Secure.