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Making Clinic Video Recordings with Panopto

Panopto software can be used to record video, audio, and screen capture. Panopto gives you more control of the camera and microphone. Videos recorded with Panopto for Clinic sessions will be named with the following format of username_date-time.mp4 (e.g.: tkneen_20170310_112221.mp4). These recordings are accessible on the “R:\” drive within 24 hours.

Making a Recording

1. Start the Panopto application by clicking on the Panopto icon on your Desktop.
Panopto does an initial hardware and system check, so it may take 10-15 seconds to start.

2. Once Panopto opens, select Continue Offline and then select OK to continue without signing in.

3. i. Under Primary Sources, Please make sure Video has Logitech HD Pro Webcam selected and Audio has Microphone (HD Pro Webcam) selected. If these items are not already selected, use the drop-down “∨” in the video and audio boxes menu to select them.

ii. Under Secondary Sources, Please un-check Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen if they have not already been un-checked.

4. Press “Record” to start recording your session. You will know that recording is proceeding when the “record” button changes to a “stop” button and a time counter appears next to the pause button.

5. Press “Stop” when you are finished. Please note that the recording will not save correctly unless you end the recording by pressing the “Stop button when you are finished recording a session.


5. This window below will appear to indicate that your recording has completed successfully. Press “Done“. Videos should be automatically transferred to the “R:\” drive within 24 hours.

6. If you wish to create a new recording without exiting Panopto, please select Create New Recording to create another recording.

7. When you have finished recording and no longer need to use the computer, please be sure to logout of the computer, or restart it. This assures that others will not make recordings under your profile.


FINAL NOTE: if you wish to rename files, that can be done once they are available on the “R:\” drive.