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Intro to Collage

What is COE’s Digital Asset Manager? Collage!

The COE’s “Digital Asset Manager” is based on an open-source product called ResourceSpace. It is a feature rich system, providing a sophisticated search engine; direct access to resources in many resolutions; detailed resource information; collaboration and organization tools.

Whether you need quick, simple direct access to great COE digital resources, or need to organize resources for work projects individually or as a team, ResourceSpace provides you with the tools you need in a “web-based” environment.

The application was originally developed for Oxfam and is in daily use to manage and distribute over 20,000 photo, text and video resources.

The system is great at storing graphical info and document files destined for the COE’s website. However it is not meant to replace the COE’s file share server. Collage /ResourceSpace is not designed  to hold and protect confidential data, nor does it have the specific group and user permissions that make a files shares secure given the wide range of persons who use it.

It’s a great tool for collecting and sharing digital assets for the Web, e-learning, print publications, presentations. It should aloow for more COE staff and faculty to quickly and easily search and gather a wide range of information.

What do I need to use Collage / Resourcespace?How do I login?Quick TourNext Steps


What do I need to use Collage / Resourcespace?

To use Collage you will need:

• A computer

• An Internet connection

• Flash and/or Java browser plugins (for uploading files)

• An account in the system (based on your Duck ID)

Note that the ability to upload, search, and edit objects in the system is only available to those in the COE.

Contact COEIT to request an account. Please indicate the full name and Duck ID to be used.

How do I login?

You can log into the system by going to its website address:

Login using your Duck ID and password.

Remember, your Duck ID is the part of your email address before the “@” sign.

For example, if your UO email is:

Then your Duck ID is:


Quick Tour

Once you have successfully logged in, take a quick tour of the system’s features:

These are recommended resources, shared with all users. These might be picture of people in the COE or highly requested images or graphics for use on COE websites.


My Collections
these can contain any set of resources and can be managed by individuals or groups. You can maintain many different collections and share them with those who have Collage accounts or with persons external to the COE. For the latter, you will need to use the “email” feature. This will send a temporary link so other can view the resource.

Simple Search
This is where you search for assets based on multiple criteria. You may search according to asset types:

  • Photo
  • Doucument
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Graphic

Keywords, date ranges, and geographic location are also possible search criteria.

This links shows what has been added to the system in reverse chronological order

Where you can add individual assets or groups of assets to the system. This is when you will need to have a flash or java plug-in for your browser. Java is recommended for large files or for many files.

Help and Advice
This area has linkd to a “Quick Start” guide and the general ResourceSpace Wiki as well as COE specific tutorials. 

Next Steps

After a quick visit around the site, you may want to explore a number of the system’s features.

At this point you may want to:

• Perform an advanced search
• Upload one or more files
• Edit an asset’s metadata or tags
• Create or manage individual or group “collections”

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