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Getting Started with Office 365

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Office 365 and OneDrive for Business are new “cloud-based” services at the University of Oregon. These product bring some new options for editing, sharing, and storing work documents and work data. Diving right into these new products can be a bit of a challenge, so here are some initial recommendations for those who are interesting in exploring these new tools right away. Please remember that these new services are tied to your UO Duck ID and as such is covered by the UO’s AUP. For general info on the Office 365 offerings, please check out our Office 365 page.

On what devices can the Office 365 and OneDrive for Business apps be installed?

You can install the applications on work and personal devices owned by UO students, faculty and staff covered by the campus licensing. Windows and MacOS computers, tablets (iOS and Android), Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows) all have version of the core MS Office applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. OneDrive and OneNote are also available, however they may need to be installed separately via an “App Store” for your particular device.

I already have Office installed on my personal computer, should I install the Office applications again?

No, this is not recommended.  Installing on a computer, tablet or smartphone that does not already have office applications is the way to go. Note: Windows users should use the 64 Bit installation.

If you want to install Office 365 on a computer that already has another version of Office installed, you will first need to uninstall Office before you can install Office 365. Please note that for Windows users, we strongly recommend installing the 64-bit version of Office 365.

I already have Office installed on my work computer, do I need to upgrade?

That depends. You should not need to upgrade to use Office 365 features. If you have any questions, you should put in a ticket with COEIT at Please be aware the the offering for MacOS user and Windows users are different.

How do I start using the OneDrive for Business storage?

The best way to start using the OneDrive storage is by logging into and using the storage from your web browser. The Web environment for OneDrive for Business is the best overall interface for MacOS users. For Windows users, the Web interface is also the best starting point for OneDrive.

Is OneDrive for Syncing or Editing?

It can be used for both! The Web interface is great for collaborative online editing.

Syncing your cloud-based documents with your local Windows computer works by using a OneDrive for Business sync client and creating a local “OneDrive – University Of Oregon” folder.

OneDrive for Mac OS X

This application allows files from your UO OneDrive account to be synced to your local computer. You will need an Apple ID to download the app from the App Store. COEIT recommends that you maintain a separate Apple ID that is registered to your UO Duck ID for UO-related software. This will help ensure that personal and work software licenses and profiles are kept separate.

OneDrive for OS X on the Apple App Store –