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Activating Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Adobe Creative Cloud software licensed by the University of Oregon is now activated by a named license. UO employees can use their Duck ID and password to activate Adobe software on UO-purchased computers. Depending on when your Adobe software was installed, you may see a message informing you that your Adobe software license is expired. The following information should help you activate or reactivate your Adobe software. If you are still unable to use your Adobe software after reading this help page, please contact COEIT by filling out a support ticket here:

Signing In to the Adobe Creative Cloud

You may see a window similar to the one shown below after starting an Adobe application. If so, please click the Sign In button and use your UO Duck ID and password to activate the software.

You may also activate your Adobe software by signing in through the Help menu in your existing Adobe software. At the sign in window prompt, use your UO Duck ID and password.

Another option for activation is to go to Adobe’s main website at and sign in through the enterprise option, using your UO Duck ID and password. Depending on which sign in options you choose you may see slightly different sign in screens. Whatever point of entry you use to sign in to the Adobe website, look for the enterprise option. For example, you may log in to and see one of the following screens below. In each case, you will need to choose the Sign in with an Enterprise ID, or Enterprise ID option. Note that it is normal to see a similar screen to one of the screens shown below for only a moment or two after typing your UO email address, before it changes to a different login screen.

Activating your Adobe software will require you to use the UO Shibboleth authentication system, which will present you with a window like the one shown below. When this window appears you should use your UO Duck ID and password to complete the authentication process.

Once your Adobe software is activated it should remain activated on that computer indefinitely, though you may need to occasionally log in with your UO Duck ID and password to reactivate it.

Installing Software from the Adobe Website

If you are using a COE-configured and UO-owned laptop, you may be able to install Adobe software directly onto your computer. To view a list of Adobe software available to download and install you will need to click the “Download Apps” link under the Creative Cloud category, after logging in to Adobe’s main website, using your UO Duck ID and password.

Please note the following, with respect to installing Adobe software yourself:

  • Adobe software may only be installed on UO-purchased computers.
  • Due to the installation size and hardware requirements for most Adobe software, COEIT recommends only installing the Adobe software you need.
  • You may need to uninstall currently installed Adobe software in order to run the newer versions of the software.
  • If you have questions about particular Adobe software or its installation, please submit a support ticket through the intake form at: