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Office 365 installation: Windows

Office 365 logo

Installing the Office 365 suite of applications can be pretty easy, althought you need to take into consideration a few options before you start downloading and installing from the Web.

If you already have office installed on your windows computer then we don’t recommend installing over the current installation.

If you still want to install, please check our help page:

In short, remove a previous installation and then install a fresh copy.

You will always want to install the 64-bit version. To get the 64-bit version, log into the Microsoft site ( is the gateway). Once logged in, click on the gear at on the upper right of the screen.

office 365 Gear

Gear or Settings Icon






Go to “office 365 settings”

Office 365 settings

Office 365 settings

Click on “Software”



Under “Version”, Click on the “Advanced” link

Advanced link



Under ”Version: which one is right for me?”, use the drop-down to select the 64-bit version


Choose 64-bit


Click on the “Install” button. This will initiate the download of the 64-bit edition.

Install button

Install to download