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Migrating an IMAP Email Account to Exchange

IMAP and Exchange Email

IMAP is the old (UO Webmail) email system. Microsoft Exchange is the new email system. Once you have an Exchange account you will need to activate a migration script to move all of your old email and email folders from UO Webmail to the Exchange email system. To activate the migration script, please follow the directions below.

Running the IMAP to Exchange Migration Script

1) In a web browser, go to

2) Log in with your Duck ID and password.

3) Click the “Migrate email to Exchange” button. Leave the “If checked, delete messages…” box unchecked.

4) Wait. The migration page won’t appear to be doing anything, but the migration script is now running. The migration window does not need to remain open for the process to continue, and you can close it at any time.

5) You can log in to to the OWA (Outlook Web App), or connect through a local install of Outlook, to see the progress of the migration.

After a few minutes you should see email and folders populating your Exchange email account. The total time required to migrate your email depends on the size of the job. For most users, the migration process takes about 5–15 minutes, but it may take an hour or longer if you have a lot of messages in your account. You should eventually receive a confirmation email noting the job is completed, but you may also receive an error message that the migration could not be completed.

if you receive an email indicating the migration was successful, you are done, and you should see all email and email folders from your old account appear in your new Exchange account. If you receive an email indicating there was a problem, you can first try running the migration script again by following the steps above. The migration script will attempt to continue copying, and will hopefully finish with the second try. If you continue to receive a migration error message, you may contact COE IT.