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Disabling iCloud for File Storage

iCloud is great for personal files, but it is not always desirable for work-related files since it moves locally-stored files to an external, cloud-based drive. To turn off iCloud storage and copy files from iCloud back to your local computer’s drive, follow the steps below.

1) From the Finder, go to the menu bar and choose GoHome.

2) You should see an item named iCloud Drive in the left column region of the window. Click it.

3) In the window that appears, click the Open Apple ID Preferences… button.

4) Under “Apps on this Mac using iCloud“, look for the iCloud Drive item, and click the Options… button.

5) If the Desktops & Documents Folders item is checked, uncheck it.

6) Uncheck the checkbox for iCloud Drive.

7) You will be presented with a dialog window. Click the “Keep a Copy” button.

8) The files that were previously stored in the iCloud will be copied to a folder named “iCloud Drive (Archive)“. You can find this folder in your Home folder, which you can access from the Finder by going to the menu bar and choosing GoHome.