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Completing a UO Property Receipt Form

You are required to fill out a UO property receipt form if you will be using university property off-campus. By signing the form, you agree to accept responsibility for the property and to safeguard it. A property receipt form may be filled out online by following the steps below.

1) Click the UO property receipt inventory link that is provided in the email you receive, or go to, and refer to the directions below.

You should receive an email from the UO inventory system asking you to click a link to fill out a property receipt form. If a link is included in the email, go ahead and click that link. Otherwise, go to, click the login link, then click the “My property receipt” link.

2) Click the “Click here to login” link near the top left area of the interface.

UO Property Receipt Login

3) Enter your Duck ID and password, then click the “Login” button.

4) Fill out the following fields:

UO Property Receipt Fields

  • In the “Borrower Name” field enter your first and last name.
  • In the “Primary Location of Borrowed Equipment” field enter your office location and number.
  • Check the “I certify the above information” box.
  • In the “Date” field enter the current date.

5) When you are finished entering information, click the “Save” button.

Please note that you will need to fill out this form annually, on the anniversary of the date you first submitted it. The UO inventory system will automatically send you an email on that anniversary.