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Clinic Secure Flash Drives

Insert the flash drive and open file explorer.

Right click on the drive where it is listed in the left-hand menu of file explorer.

When the menu appears, click “Format…”


A “Format USB drive” dialogue will pop up; under the drop down menu for File system, select NTFS


Click “Start” and select “Okay” when the warning appears. Another box notify you when the format is complete. “Click Okay.”

format04  format05
Return to File Explorer and right click the flash drive again. This time select “Turn on BitLocker.”


You’ll see a new dialogue titled “BitLocker Drive Encryption.” Check the option to “Use a password to unlock the drive,” and use the designated password for these clinic drives. Enter it twice and click “Next.”


When asked how you want to back up the recovery key, print a hard copy. Click “Next.”


Choose to “Encrypt used disk space only.” Click “Next.”


Use compatible mode to encrypt the drive, since it will be moved from machine to machine. Click “Next.”


Start the encryption.


You will see a progress bar and a notification when the encryption is complete.

format11  format12