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UOMail is the new Microsoft cloud-hosted email system being phased in on campus.

Migration to UOMail

On Monday, February 17, 2020, UO Information Services will begin migrating UO College of Education email accounts to UOMailUOMail is a Microsoft cloud-hosted system providing the same email services as on-premise hosting, but with additional features and advantages in service reliability, security, and resource requirementsFor most email users the change will be transparent. Over 7,000 email accounts across numerous units on campus have already been migrated, with relatively few issues reported.

COE Email accounts will be automatically migrated to UOMail over a period of three days. Specifics for account migration are listed below, for each day. 

Monday, February 17 

Migration of:

  • Office of the Dean staff and associate deans 
  • COE business managers and finance staff
  • COE Development, COE Communications, COEIT
  • COE Department support staff
  • Non-person (departmental) accounts 
Tuesday, February 18 
  • Migration of COE Duck IDs beginning with the letters A – J
Wednesday, February 19 
  • Migration of COE Duck IDs beginning with the letters K – Z 
What You Need to Do 

The day before your email transition: 

  • Please shut down your office computer or quit the email program you use. Having your email client stopped will help prepare the software for configuration changes when it is next started up. 
  • If you forget to quit your email software, restart it when you arrive at the office after the transition and you should be good to go. 

The day of your email transition: 

  • If your email program is not working, please use the Outlook Web App (OWA) through a web browser by logging in to your UOMail account from this address:

This will connect you directly to your email account from any web browser, on or off campus. Note that once you have been migrated the previous address of will no longer work. 

  • There may be a 5-10 minute period where email is unavailable. Any messages you receive during that time will be queued, but not lost. 
  • Mobile devices – you may need to remove and re-add your email account profile.  See instructions here: Setting Up Your Email. 
  • If you need assistance after your email has been migrated, please submit a support ticket through the intake form here: 
Online Support Documents Pertaining to UOMail