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This page includes links and information pertinent to COE students enrolled in the CDS program.

Links to help pages for installing and connecting to remote computers using Microsoft Remote Desktop are listed below.

 What is Microsoft Remote Desktop?

  • Connects to a remote virtual computer desktop
  • Allows secure editing and submission of client data
  • Securely store SOAP notes and client information
  • Print client data to a HEDCO clinic printer

Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • You must be added to the appropriate CDS group on the COE server
  • You must have access a client folder or client folders
  • You need to have the Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network) installed on your computer to connect to the campus network (
  • For macOS users, you will need to install the free Microsoft Remote Desktop client application to connect. For installation and usage instructions, please refer to the the Microsoft Remote Desktop online help page here.