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COE Apps

Accessing Remote applications in the COE

prerequisites are for both Windows and Mac OS:

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client (latest version)
  • Membership in the security groups for accessing the application(s)

For Mac OS, you will also need to download from the Apple AppStore the following:
RDP Icon
Microsoft Remote Desktop

  For Windows Computers:

1. (If off campus) Connect to the UO VPN

When trying to access any UO resource from off campus make sure you are connected to the UO VPN. This is a requirement if you are trying to access COEAPPS  from any non-UO network. If you have not already installed the Cisco AnyConenct VPN client, please follow this link and do so now. 

Once you have installed the AnyConenct VPN client please launch the application and verify that you have enterened into the address field of the VPN client. (See image below)

Address field to connect to UO VPN

Click connect and enter your DuckID and password. After approximately 5-10 seconds the VPN client should minimize and you’ll see the following message in the lower right hand corner of your screen verifying that you have successfully connected to the UO VPN

.Conformation of UO VPN connection

2 Connect to COEAPPS

Once you have established a secure connection to the UO network (either by being on campus or using the UO VPN) you will need to to connect to the COEAPPS server. If you have not yet tried to connect to COEAPPS from this computer before, you will need to download the remote application connector file, this is outlined in section 2.1, if you have already downloaded the connector file  please skip to section 2.2.

2.1 Download the Connector File

Open your web browser of choice and type into the address bar near the top of your browser window. After pressing the return or clicking the go button you should see the following page. Enter you DuckID prefixed with “ad\” for the username field and then your DuckID password for the password.










After logging you may see a window prompting you to save your login information, select “Never Remember Password for This Site”. For FireFox the window is shown below, please note that this message will appear slightly different depending on your web browser.

Don't save Password

Once you are signed in you will see the main landing page for COEAPPS, here you can download connector files for your remote application, FireFox (Banner), Four winds Interactive, etc. At this point single left click on the application you wish to use and save the file. This should look similar to this image.

Download Connector File

Once you have downloaded the connector file, navigate to your Downloads folder and locate the connector file which will be name similar to “cpub-firefox-COE_Remote_Apps-CmsRdsh”. If you’re having trouble locating the file, it should be the most recently downloaded item. Rename the connector file to something more identifiable than it’s default name such as “COEAPPS-FireFox”. Once the connector file is renamed, move it to a location on your computer that is easy to access, in the below image I moved it to the Desktop.

Connector File

2.2 Launch the Remote Application

Navigate to where you moved the connector file and double left click on it, if this is the first time connecting you will get a notification asking if you trust the program, select “Don’t ask me again for remote connections from this publisher” and click continue.







You will be prompted for your credentials, at this stage make SURE you select “Other User” and enter you Duck ID prefixed by ad\ and then your password. Once you click “OK” your application (FireFox for Banner or Fourwinds Interactive) should launch.

Login box







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