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Self Service Applications – JAMF (Casper)

Please note that this page only applies to those with OS X computers that have been configured by COEIT are on the campus network.


COEIT has been developing a more automated and streamlined approach for updating software and managing security settings for OS X computers with a software called JAMF (Casper Suite). A feature of JAMF, the Self Service portal, allows users to self-install a suite of standard applications, e.g. Adobe Acrobat or Chrome.

Installing Applications Through Self Service

1. Select the Launchpad, located on the Dock.


2. Select the Self Service icon.


3. This is the Self Service portal.


4. Select the icon of an application (for instance Adobe Acrobat) to view additional information. Select the blue Install button to install the application.


5. You can view the installation’s progress in the bar at the top of the Self Service window.


6. Note that you can cancel the installation by selecting the X and selecting Yes to the prompt.